Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend Garden Chores

It is going to be a scorcher this weekend, but we have plants that NEED to get in the garden. This is also our last chance to start some cucumbers and our butternut and have any hope of yielding something. Not all of this will get done but here is a rough to-do list.

Must do:
  1. Transplant basil seedlings into a bed or pot
  2. Transplant bee balm seedling into a pot
  3. Sow cucumbers (Bush Champion and Burpless Beauty) in tomato bed
  4. Sow Early Butternut squash in pepper bed
  5. Transplant Bleeding Heart plant (somewhere)
  6. Rake out remaining woodchips from under raspberries and fertilize
  7. Fertilize and mulch tomatoes and peppers
  8. Water
  9. Turn compost
  10. .....and if any time left, weed 
Nice to haves:
  1. Rip out dead chamomile and sow more  (perennial kind this time)
  2. Sow Nebuka bunching onions in a pot
  3. Sow some Italian parsley  
  4. Clean up the garden debris and encroaching invasives
  5. Clean out window boxes, fill with soil, and plant with Love in a Mist (move along fence line) 

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