Friday, January 13, 2012

What is Going in the Garden in 2012?

Our oddly temperate winter weather has had me thinking a lot about the garden lately, so I figured I might as well put that to good use and plan out our 2012 garden. Some noteable changes over the last few year is that we are nixing the peppers. Only the hubby eats them and they have such nice ones at the farmer's market and in our CSA that it seems a shame to waste the space on them. We are also going to try pumpkins again at the end of the summer (but this time under heavily fortified row covers to keep the cucumber beetles and vine borer at bay). Finally we are going to try growing onions from seeds rather than from sets. We'll see how we do.

In the list below the asterisk "*" indicates that it will be started indoors.

Bean, Brittle Wax (Bush Wax) -OP- Burpee -52 days
Bean, Burpee's Stringless Green Pod- F1 - Burpee-50days
Kohlrabi, Early White Vienna – Baker Creek - OP
Climbers (Peas and Cukes):
Pea, Shelling (Burpeeana Early)-Burpee - 63 days
Pea, Super Sugar Snap (edible podded) - Burpee – 64 days
*Cucumber, Burpless Beauty – Burpee – F1- 60 days
*Cucumber, Bush Champion - Burpee - F1 - 55 days
Gourds and Pumpkins:
*Winter Squash, Early Butternut (bush habit) – John Scheepers – 82 days
*Basil, Greek - Burpee Fordhook Collection                        
*Basil, Lime- Burpee Fordhook Collection            
*Basil, Genovese – Baker Creek
*Basil, Sweet - Burpee
*Bee Balm, Lemon – Baker Creek            
Chamomile, Organic German ( but actually roman)-Garden's Alive-OP- Perennial
Chamomile, Bodegold – John Scheepers - Perennial        
Chives, Common- Burpee-Perennial                      
*Cilantro, Slo-bolt – Baker Creek             
*Echineacea, Majestic Coneflower Mixture- John Scheepers- Perennial
*Lavender, True - Burpee
*Majoram - Ferry Morse             
*Oregano – Burpee
Parsley, Single Italian Plain Leafed - Burpee
*Sage, Broad Leaf -Jiffy Smart Start
*Tarragon  -Ferry Morse
*Thyme, Common -  Burpee                
*Cherry Tomato, Blondkopfchen-SSE-OP- 75-80 days
*Cherry Tomato, Super Sweet 100 –Burpee- F1-70 days
*Cherry Tomato, Black Cherry- Baker Creek – OP
*Tomato, Cherokee Purple – Baker Creek – OP
*Tomato, Green Zebra-Baker Creek - OP             
*Tomato, Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge- Baker Creek – OP -
*Eggplant, Rossa Bianca – SSE – OP -80 days
Onion, Nebuka Bunching- Plantation- 60-65 days
Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions -Burpee- Perennial
Root Vegetables:
Beets, Burpee Golden – SSE – 55-60 days
Beets, Cylindra - Burpee - 60 days
Carrot, Nantes Half Long - Burpee - 70 days (sow for fall)
Carrot, Short n' Sweet Chantenay - Burpee - 68 days (sow for fall)
Parsnip, Hollow Crown- Burpee – OP- 105 days
Radish, French Breakfast – SSE – OP – 30 days       
Radish, Asian Watermelon - Burpee - 35 days (sow for fall)
Radish, Gourmet Rainbow Mix - John Scheeper- 23-30 days 
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe – SSE -  45-65 days (sow for fall)
Lettuce, Butter Beauty (butterhead) - Burpee - 75 days
Lettuce, Burpee Bib (butterhead)- Burpee 75 days
Lettuce, Parris Island Romaine – Ferry Morse – OP-68 days
Lettuce, Simpson Elite (looseleaf) –Burpee –OP- 48 days
Lettuce, Tennis Ball (butterhead)- SSE
Lettuce Mix, Lovely Lettuce Mesclun Blend (Little Gem baby romaine, curly Tango, cheeky red Lolla Rossa, crispy Summertime, Brunia red oakleaf, buttery Rouge Grenobloise and Merveille des Quatre Saisons) - John Scheepers - OP-30-40 days
Mustard Greens – Baker Creek ( sow in Fall)

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