Sunday, April 1, 2012

Online Victory Garden Poster Exhibit

I love a good Victory Garden poster since what is better than a little garden propaganda. Today I found this great online exhibit of US war-era food posters used in WWI and WWII from the US National Agriculture Library. You can visit the exhibit at Beans are Bullets. Also found these wonderful updated posters for the "Victory Garden of Tomorrow" which can be purchased as posters, t-shirts, etc. 

Here are some of my favorite American and British Victory Garden posters from across the web:

I think I may put this on my fridge since it is all still good advice :)

Don't know if this was a real propaganda poster but it is lovely so who cares

Is that a parsnip I see?

I was intrigued by the National Agriculture Library's section on the "Women's Land Army" since their posters were very girl power for the time.  According to the exhibit, "in 1943 the Women’s Land Army (WLA), as part of the Emergency Farm Labor Program, provided agricultural labor to the nation’s farmers. Under the auspices of the USDA and Extension Service, the WLA recruited, hired, and placed farm and nonfarm women over the age of 18 throughout the country during WWII." The UK also had a WLA which the US version likely used as a model. There is a great BBC drama series available on Netflix Streaming called "Land Girls" in which the characters are British WLA workers. I found it very entertaining.

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