Thursday, June 16, 2011

Window Sill Herbs

Chervil gone wild! Our plant is taking over our window sill. Not even sure what to use it for aside from French cooking. You wouldn't know that it is difficult to propagate based on how ours is performing. Its in the carrot family, and it looks like the greenery from a carrot top. Tastes kind of like grass. Maybe it will taste better once it is dried. We'll try that and see what happens. 

We also have some Melissa Lemon Balm that is a water hog; it can drain an aqua globe in a couple of hours.  It supposedly can be very invasive in the garden, but it's been fairly happy in its pot. Makes a lovely tea for a sore throat. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Harvests

Today's harvest: Yummy lettuce and some beautiful wax beans which I think are the best tasting bean. Last year we lost most of them to the evil Mexican bean beetle so this year we coated our plants in kaolin clay. Hopefully that will keep them at bay.

And of course we picked another 2 containers [9oz each] of raspberries! One went into another tart, and we still have one more for oatmeal. This is such a good problem to have: more raspberries than you know what to do with.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lettuce and Raspberries

It's been a long time since I've done a post. We have had a good haul of turnips and lettuce. We planted five kinds of lettuce: Simpson's Elite, Bibb, Romaine, Tennis Ball...can't remember the fifth. But either way they've tasted great! Our rhubarb on the other hand is not doing so well. The leaves are big but the stalks are still green and short. I think we are gonna have to move this in the fall to somewhere a bit shadier and roomier. It has been weeded since this picture :) ...And of course, a happy dog is a gardening must!

Here are pics of the other end of the garden (from two weeks ago). Our peas didn't do so hot this season. We were neglectful and didn't get them trained up the trellis properly. The only ones that really produced anything were the ones that started going rogue and using the fence for support. Not much going on in the tomato bed except the super tall onions (which will be the subject of its own post shortly). You can see our big raspberry bushes at the end and the side of the plot. I also planted chamomile in a new bed we scraped together with scrap wood and stuck in between a bed and the cold frame.

...and we have been harvesting so many raspberries we have had to find extra uses for them since adding them to the good ol' morning oatmeal isn't making a dent. Plus they are so fragile and go bad so quickly... no wonder they are obscenely expensive in the store. So in an effort to make a bigger dent we made a raspberry galette yesterday. The tart bubbled over a little but it tasted amazing!