Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Community Garden Plot in Winter

This year we planted Canola as a winter cover crop. Supposedly it has a long tap root that breaks up clay soil. I think we probably sowed it a bit too thickly for it to function that way but it is crowding out the weeds (which are thriving in our unseasonably warm winter weather) and gives the garden something nice and green to perk up the dreariness. This particular seed we got from Gardens Alive.

In other news, our invasive mint found a wonderful place to spend the winter: in the coldframe! You can see Lexy sniffing it out.

We finally got the Prime Jan blackberry corralled (also from Gardens Alive). We were very disappointed in this plant. It is supposed to bear blackberries on first year canes. Did it do that? No. What it did do was trail all over the place making a mine field of prickly thorns. This thing gets one more year and if we still have no blackberries, it is gone!

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