Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deciding When to Start Seeds Indoors

Every year I have an internal tug of war about when I should start my seeds indoors. I know we are in zone 7, and I know our first frost free date is near April 15 so logically I know I only need to count back the number of weeks to figure this out. But there is an emotional element to it too. I want to start growing something...now. I want to see soil and little seedlings sprouting up out.

This has led in the past to the world's leggiest tomatoes because they were sown in January and out grew the light set up long before the sun shining through the window sill was strong enough to help them out. But this year I lucked out because I decided I would start onions and leeks from seed and they need to be planted 10-12 weeks before frost free date which I realize is about now. I guess I have a reason to haul out the light set up after all. Huzza!

I  found some helpful seed starting links during this quandry which others may find useful:
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