Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Tomatoes are Growing!

Went over to the garden to water today. Lettuce had all bolted (of course) and something is still eating the rhubarb but our tomatoes are setting fruit! This is exciting because all our seed starts almost ended up in the compost after my inattention led them to get horrifically leggy (pics below). Luckily hubby intervened and decided to give them a shot in the garden anyway. Our volunteer tomato is still coming along the fastest but the others look promising!! We put in Tomatoes Alive fertilizer when we planted them and have since dosed them with fish emulsion when they set flowers. Hopefully hubby will get his coveted Cherokee Purples, and I will get at least one Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge!

Just for a reference, here is a pic of our leggy tomato starts from May. Who knew they would survive?!

And because I'm still so amazed we need an picture of my (non-devoured) green beans and the rest of the haul from the hoop house:

                                   Nothing prettier than a golden beet!


  1. Looks like you are harvesting plenty of veg - as it has been so cold and wet here a lot of ours is about a month behind what we would normally be harvesting - but we are getting there gradually

  2. We haven't harvested too much yet but even a little bit is always encouraging (especially if it looks healthy) :) Thanks for the comment!