Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Garden Updates

The last two days it has been 99 degrees (feels like 105) so we'll see how the plants fare. Before this heat wave, the tomatoes were doing well, radishes were going to seed, our hydrangea looks fully recovered from the frost, chamomile was done and the lettuce is was on the borderline of bolting (I'm sure it has now).

Photo Update:

In the top corner you can see our onions that seem to already have the thrip. We didn't treat them in time so we will just have to live with smaller onions this year. Bottom left is our lettuce and volunteer tomato.

Top is the rhubarb, hilled potato, and radishes going to seed. In the bottom you can see the 3 kohlrabi that made it and a bit of simpson lettuce and mesclun.

Here is our volunteer tomato. Looks like a Roma. Funnily enough it looks the best out of all of our tomatoes so far

 Our towering Prime Jan blackberry. At least it lived up to the "upright" claim.

 Here are what the berries look like (gorgeous, right?!) and below is one compared to one of our raspberries.

Here are our potatoes which we are hilling in boxes. Something was chewing threw them but that seems to have stopped.

Here is our tomato bed. We are doing a square foot garden, single stemming thing with them and training them up the trellis. So far so good. It helps they were super leggy to start with so they were a bit easier to train.

The hydrangea survived! Unfortunately all the aluminum sulfate I added a few years back has dissolved and it is just pink because of our alkaline soil (as much as I wanted it to be purple or blue). Side dressing doesn't seem to help so pink it is!

 I am surprised but our chamomile is all done. Hopefully it reseeded itself otherwise I may reseed it.

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