Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day at the Garden

We spent some of St. Patrick's Day at the garden, enjoying our unseasonably warm weather and getting a jump start on garden clean up and preparation. Hubby created a new garden bed where our asparagus used to be (it has been degrading each year and we decided to sacrifice it for the space). This gives us a 4th, much needed planting bed.

He also cleaned out our remaining beds and composted them all. Now we are just waiting for the water to be turned on at the community garden to get really planting (since bringing our own water is a drag) and hoping the weather stays nice.

We also had some nice garden surprises. We found a parsnip hiding out under some leaves. It didn't germinate last season but apparently our warm winter did the trick. Our rhubarb also has made surprising progress and is much farther along than it normally is this time of year. No complaining here. It is always encouraging to see it peeking up.

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