Monday, March 12, 2012

First Peas Planted :)

Yesterday was garden clean up day. We ripped up the canola cover crop and were pleased to see how friable it kept the soil all winter. Everywhere that we didn't sow canola the soil was hard and cracked. We planted the first crop of peas for the year. Last year I couldn't get of the peas I planted on the backside of the trellis to germinate so this year I put the trellises flush up against the beds and planted the peas in front. Hopefully nothing will block the sun and our usually poor luck with peas will change. Also since we have had such temperate weather, I took a chance and planted some wax beans nearby. I am trying to get an early start to try and beat out the dreaded Mexican bean beetle which I imagine will be out in even greater force this year given the mild winter we had.

In the meantime I used Skippy's Online Planting Schedule Tool to help me ballpark what I should be doing when since I was excited this time last month to start seeds but I got distracted and nothing has been started yet (yikes!). I plan to start tomatoes indoors tonight (only 2 weeks behind schedule according to Skippy's schedule). Seed onions are out of the question now since I am so late getting started so I guess I need to pick up an onion set.

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