Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Peppers and Tomatoes

This year we had planned to forget pepper altogether. The last few years they have only done so-so in our garden and some didn't germinate for us at all. At the last minute I thought, what the heck, and sowed some of the most stubborn seeds when I started the tomatoes indoors. Of course they all germinated and it turned out to be a banner year for peppers. Most exciting of all were finally getting a few Beaver Dam peppers after 2 years of NO germination whatsoever. Now it is September and our peppers are finally coming in and our tomatoes are still going. 
 Here are a bunch of Garden Sunshine Peppers. 

  Assorted cherry tomatoes. Aren't they pretty?

 Tomato plants still going strong. The Cherokee Purples failed this year (sad face) and our Blondkofpchen crapped out early because of the heat, but our smudges are still going strong along with the Black Cherries.

 Some more Black Cherries. This thing is PROLIFIC. Will definitely be planting next year.

 Here is our accidental pepper bed. It has definitely benefited from the overflow from our neighbors elaborate drip irrigation system that you can see in the top of the picture. We haven't watered much at all in the last month but they are still going strong.

 Here is my garden diva...the Beaver Dam from Seed Saver's Exchange. We still have quite a number of these on the plants.  I was so excited when I realized they germinated that I started squealing, "It's a Beaver Dam....a Beaver Dam!!" so of course now my hubby does this every time we bring some home.

 Here are some Garden Sunshines turning that lovely orange.Still have lots of these too.

 And here is an Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge that actually looks like the picture. Most of them seem to only have the purple when they are still green and then just turn totally orange. Of course I had to have a little hitchhiker peek out right when I took the pic. :sigh: We probably will plant these again next year because they are a great theft deterrent tomato...if you aren't in the know that they are supposed to look like this they just look diseased or not ripe yet.

What a lovely sight!

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