Sunday, July 1, 2012

Green Beans Make My Heart Sing

Sadly none of our garden chores got done since we had a huge storm Friday night whose aftermath occupied much of our weekend. But hubby did make it over to the garden today to check on things and lo and behold there were even more beans to harvest. Clearly my fears about whether they really do self-pollinate were unfounded.  We harvested almost 2 lbs of green and wax beans! (Which again is a big deal for us).

However, we are coming to find that those who have never dealt with the Mexican bean beetle do not understand why we are so excited by this year's success and the vigorous health of our plants. So below I have a comparison of our plants this year and last year and you can see for yourselves why we are so jubilant.

2011 bean plants after about 2 weeks of Mexican bean beetle carnage (if you zoom you can even see larval and full grown bean beetles on the plant still):

2012 bean plants (with row cover):

Wouldn't you be excited too??

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