Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy Week at the Garden

It is supposed to rain all week so I don't anticipate we will get the garden much. Here are some pictures of where we are so far. Some lettuce came in (as well as a volunteer tomato). Onions are starting to look ragged so the the thrip is likely starting up. Need to get the kaolin clay sprayed on soon (when the rain stops).

Radish shoulders are popping up and probably ready to be harvested. Rhubarb is going strong. Picked some to give to mom while she was visiting this weekend.

Chamomile is bursting out of its bed. Hubby deadheaded it this weekend, and I have a whole tray air drying right now for tea. Yum, yum!

Here are our semi-volunteer potatoes. I say semi because I planted them last year and they never did anything because our soil was still heavily clay at that point. After drastic enriching this spring these potato plants popped up right where I planted them last year. Hubby is hilling them with a box at the moment.

Volunteer sun-box mint is taking over. We plan to remove the box but then there will be a mint/chamomile death match. 

We have some beans that survived. Hubby put the floating row cover up this weekend to protect them from the evil Mexican Bean Beetle (my main garden nemesis). 

Our hydrangea survived! It has started to bud and then we had a hard freeze and it all turned black. But it looks like it is doing great now. 

First raspberries are coming in. They didn't make it home.

And our blackberry bushes are trying to escape the cage we put around them. It is now almost 7 feet tall. I feel like it wants to eat us. At least the blackberries are ripening.

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